Distinctive Notes
one. The energy unit is of S3 duty, which can only be worked intermittently,i.e. 1minute on and 9 minutes off.
2. Clean each of the hydraulic components concerned just before installation of the energy unit.
three. Viscosity of the hydraulic oil shoud be 15~46 cst, which should really also be clean and no cost of impurities, N46 hydraulic oil is encouraged .
4. Check the oil level inside the tank after the preliminary operation in the energy unit.
five. Oil transforming is needed right after the preliminary one hundred operation hours, afterwards after each 3000 hrs.

Standard Description
This electrical power unit is deigned for anyone dock levellers which require floating ramps with an emergency cease function. The ramp will rise when the pump is operating.The lip will expend automatically when the ramp cylinder finishes its stroke. The ramp cylinder will retract when the pump stops working. An emergency stop will be realized although the solenoid valve is energized. The reducing pace of the two the ramp and the lip is adjusted through the needle valves while in the method.

Electrical power UNITS FOR DOCK LEVELER three
Basic Description
This Dock leveler electrical power unit merely raised the ramp when the motor is activated, once the ramp has reached full extension the sequence shifts to extend the lip. The ramp and lip are lowered by separate solenoid valves when the descent. Both the ramp and lip f of every functions are controlled by a needle valve. The needle valves are adjustable to realize the desired descent pace of every perform. The 2nd relief valve ensures the key platform to be floating underneath load when the dock leveler is being used for loading and unloading the goods, therefore defending the dock leveler correctly.