Standard Agricultural Bevel Gearbox 4490 Series


4490 Series Low Ratio Cast Iron Bevel Gearboxes up to 1.25” shaft diameter. Available in ratios up to 2:1

Our bevel gearboxes are available in various HP capacities. Choose from existing ratios and shaft configurations or customize them to meet your application needs. Our application engineers will work with you to understand your application requirements and select the appropriate gearbox for your application. If your application requires a custom drive solution, our engineers will work with you to design a bevel gearbox that meets your specific application to minimize stress and wear on your equipment and maximize service life.

Design Features:

• Customizable shaft configurations up to 1.25” [30mm] diameter
• Available ratios (other ratios available upon request)
• Straight Bevel – 1:1, 1.22:1, 1.5:1
• Maximum HP rating
• 540 rpm = 50 HP
• 1000 rpm = 90 HP
• Rugged cast iron design
• Integral nose cone for added strength
• Tapered Roller Bearings
• Double lip spring loaded seal

Available options:

• Left/Right/T axis configuration
• Dual gearbox arrangement
• Internal Shift – (Forward – Neutral)
• Viton seals
• pressure relief